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One of the entertainment industry’s best known voice-over artists, Harlan Rector’s unmistakable voice has introduced some of the most popular movies, radio and television commercials and videogames ever made, including (three examples here with hyperlinks). Additionally, Harlan was the signature voice of The History Channel (now History) during its first four years on the air from 1995 to 1999.

Like many voiceover artists, Harlan accidentally discovered his talent while pursuing another career. He began his career as an artist in an animation studio making industrial training videos, and then made the jump to advertising. An art director and producer for more than 20 years, Harlan created ad campaigns for some of the largest agencies in New York, Detroit and Los Angeles. His voiceover talent was discovered in LA when he voiced a demo for a Honda presentation. He left art directing, moved to New York and the rest is voiceover history.

While in New York, Harlan also developed, wrote and produced L.I.G.H.T. (Living In God’s Hands Today), a dramatic radio series based on true life spiritual experiences of ordinary people whose lives were changed through the glory of God. The series aired on faith-based radio stations throughout the country, won an Angel Award for excellence in broadcasting and is currently being developed as a television series.

Today, Harlan is back in his hometown of St. Louis, and at an age when most are enjoying retirement, he’s going strong with more projects than ever. Harlan still does voiceover work in his specially-designed in-house studio, and he’s also rediscovering his artistic roots, creating portraits in oils, pastels and watercolors. He's also an accomplished caricaturist having captured some of the most famous faces in the entertainment business.

Beyond his painting, Harlan also is pursuing what may be the biggest project of his career – creating and producing “A Taste of Heaven: The Musical.” A joyous and heartfelt musical journey through the life of Jesus Christ, “A.D.” is a play-within-a-play that Harlan felt inspired to write as an expression of his faith and desire to share with others. The musical will debut for a six-week run at the Stained Glass Theatre just north of Branson in July, 2010. Harlan’s goal is to continue producing “A.D.” in even larger venues throughout the US.

Voiceover Work Harlan’s unique voice has helped market products, programs, people and pictures in over a thousand commercials, promos, narrations and trailers. Listen to his demos, you’ll know his voice.
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Playwright After creating the award winning L.I.G.H.T. radio series, Harlan was inspired to write the lyrics and ‘book’ for “A Taste of Heaven: The Musical”, a multi-media production and feature film.
PlaywrightRead More
Portrait Work Fascinated by people, Harlan uses his artistic talent to paint oil, pastel and watercolor portraits. Capturing the essence of his subjects especially comes through in his caricature work.
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